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Drainage Solutions To Prevent Structural Damage

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Foundation problems are a source of stress, but that doesn’t mean you have to crack under pressure! Stay calm and rely on G.L. Hunt to provide gentle guidance and superior service that keeps your property protected.

Our team cares about the well-being of our community, which is why our services aren’t just reactive! In addition to foundation repairs, we also provide proactive solutions such as drainage system installations that can safeguard your property.

Put your trust in our team as we share how these systems benefit your foundation and contribute to the longevity of your home’s structure.

Drainage Systems Help Keep Your Property Safe

To ensure proper care for your home, it’s important to note that your foundation and water don’t get along well. Excess moisture that stays on your property can destroy your foundation and threaten the integrity of your home.

To prevent this, watch out for water accumulation in your yard.

Any puddles on your property can seep through the soil, allowing them to reach and ruin your foundation. This emphasizes the need for proper drainage.

Without precautions in place — such as drains or gutters — you leave your foundation at the mercy of the water. With them, however, you give your foundation a fighting chance at a longer lifespan.

How Does Improper Drainage Affect Foundation?

Think of your home as a sandwich. The roof is the top layer of bread — meaning it’s important, but without it, the rest of the structure could still stand. The interior of your home is like the middle ingredients of the sandwich, carefully crafted to suit your tastes.

Finally, your foundation is that bottom layer of bread. If anything were to move or threaten the integrity of that bread, your sandwich would crumble.

Just like you don’t want your sandwich to get wet, you don’t want the foundation of your home to become excessively moist either. Drains and gutters are designed to remove or redirect water away from your foundation — preventing water from reaching it as easily.

We all know why we wouldn’t want a soggy sandwich — not only would it fall apart, but it would also taste bad! The effects of water on a foundation are less obvious though. That’s why we’re here to share a couple of common ways poor drainage can impact homes.

Soil Expansion And Foundation Settlement Cracks

Properties all across Texas fall victim to the state’s natural landscape, as clay soil spreads far and wide across the region. Clay soils in particular are known for their habit of expansion.

For expansion to take place, moisture is needed. As water is absorbed into the ground, it causes the soil to expand. Naturally, as this takes place, the soil moves. If the soil under your foundation is affected, this can cause your foundation to move with it — this is something called settlement. This can lead to cracks or warps in your home’s structure.

Texas homes are already at risk for foundation damage due to the region’s naturally dry soils. When soil is dry, it has the opposite effect, resulting in shrinking that can also shift a foundation. Any unnecessary back and forth of expanding and shrinking puts your home at further risk.

Cracked Slab Foundation From Concrete Expansion

The concrete surfaces surrounding your home may look strong, but they have a fragility that comes with the material’s porous state. Due to the surface’s permeable nature, water can enter and spread throughout the concrete.

When your concrete is forced to handle large amounts of water, it can force the material to expand and crack. This is a serious concern for slab foundations, impacting the very structure your home sits atop. Luckily, you can trust our team to come to the rescue with foundation slab repair services.

What Does Foundation Damage Look Like?

Shifting soil and cracked slabs happen under your home, making it nearly impossible to tell when trouble is occurring. By the time you notice warning signs, the damage has already been set in motion.

However, any action is better than no action. Take steps to schedule professional foundation solutions when you notice the following signs:

  • Cracks in walls — The foundation holds your home in one spot, but as it shifts, stress is put on your home’s supports, which can result in a cracked wall.
  • Sloped floors — Without a sturdy foundation to hold your floors in place, you may notice sections that are sloped or bowed at different levels.
  • Water damage — Excess water can contribute to foundation and landscape damage, but as cracks form, it can also seep through and lead to damage along walls, floors or ceilings.
  • Pests — Water damage will also attract pests, creating a hub for mosquitos, silverfish and more.
  • Mold growth — Mold spores growing in cracked foundations will spread and decrease indoor air quality, which makes for a serious health concern

These warning signs of foundation damage are meant to be taken seriously, so always turn to a professional when you suspect trouble. At G.L. Hunt, our team has the experience necessary to provide reliable repairs and recommendations.

Avoid Foundation Damage With Proper Drainage

While many things can harm your foundation, improper drainage stands as a prime suspect. At G.L. Hunt, we’re happy to use our decades of experience to provide expert recommendations personalized for your property.

This means that we can help you explore your drainage options so that you can make an informed choice. Some of the options we offer are French drains, surface drains, sump pumps and gutters. Once you’ve made your selection, we’ll be able to install the system with ease.

Call Our Team For Comprehensive Services

At G.L. Hunt, we’ve built the foundation of our business on courteous care and earnest expertise! We want the best for homeowners all across the Lone Star State, which is why we promise you aren’t alone when facing drainage or foundation problems.

Trust us to be your partners in foundation maintenance, and give us a call when you’re experiencing a problem.


What Are Gutters For?

Gutters are designed to catch rainwater and move it away from your home. Positioning gutters directly under your roof’s edge will prevent large amounts of water from being deposited at the base of your house. Not only will this reduce the number of puddles you’ll have to step through when leaving your home, but it will also protect your foundation!

After the water is collected under your roof, it will move down the gutter system before flowing away from your home. With gutters in place, this process happens in a controlled manner that enhances your property’s drainage abilities.

How Often Do Homeowners Need To Clean Their Gutters?

When it comes to cleaning your gutters, there’s no set schedule you have to follow. However, there are helpful guidelines that can reduce your likelihood of clogs. Clogs in your rain gutter happen most commonly due to leaves or twigs that find their way into your gutter.

Homeowners should inspect their gutters as the seasons shift into the fall and spring. These seasons are active times for landscape changes as your trees either shed their leaves or support new growth — both of which can result in debris falling into your gutters.

In addition to these seasonal markers, you may find that you need more frequent cleanings if you live in rainy climates — especially during Texas’ spring storms! If you notice that your gutters seem to be clogged, don’t let your drainage system overflow! Instead, take steps to ensure your gutters are cleaned and cleared to receive the full benefits of your investment.

What Is An Exterior Drain?

Exterior drains are a solution to excess water accumulation in yards. These systems are identifiable with grates in the ground that are open for water to fall into during rainy weather. After the water is caught, it will flow away from your property using pipes installed beneath your soil.

One benefit of these systems is that they’re efficient at removing water, carrying it away quicker than other drainage options.

What Is A French Drain?

A French drain is a reliable and efficient drainage option for many homeowners across Texas. Unlike traditional drains, which are marked with a visible grate, French drains are subtle. They consist of a perforated pipe that runs underground within a trench.

This pipe is covered with a material that allows water to flow through but prevents rocks or dirt from forcing their way into your pipe. This is especially important as your drainage pipe will be surrounded by gravel that helps move water into it.

How Do You Unclog An Exterior French Drain?

Unclogging an exterior French drain can present challenges as the pipes are located underground. However, a drain snake can physically remove built-up materials and help dislodge clogs.

For stubborn blockages, consider calling an experienced professional on our team for drain cleaning services. This can ensure your pipes are handled safely, protecting the health of your French drain and maintaining efficiency!

Other Common Drainage Problems

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