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Uncover How A Surface Drain Installation Can Help Your Yard

Homeowners are no strangers to the important role drains play inside the home. From sinks to showers and tubs to toilets, drains are vital in keeping your plumbing in working order. However, the inside of your home isn’t the only place that can benefit from effective drainage.

The outside of your home needs reliable drain systems to safeguard your landscape and foundation. Our team at G.L. Hunt is happy to help communities throughout Texas protect their homes with our drain system services!

One type of drain we can install is a surface drain. Join us as we reveal how this option works and what benefits it can bring to your home.

Know The Risks Of Improper Drainage

Here in Texas, rain can dump in large amounts quite suddenly. This may be a cause for celebration for most of us weathering the searing summers, but it can also pose a huge risk to your foundation.

Without a way to re-direct water away from your home, it’s free to burrow into your soil, spreading until it reaches your foundation. From there, it can cause soil shifting, foundation cracks and wood support rot.

As rainwater pools in your yard, it will also cause your soil to erode and your plant life to suffer. It can attract pests to your property — which is never good for your health.

A surface drain can defend your home from these risks and prevent water from creating serious problems. At G.L. Hunt, we’re proud to install these systems!

How Does A Surface Drain Work?

With its straightforward name, a surface drain is easily recognizable. It’s a drain that lies flush against the surface of your landscape! These drains are covered with grates that allow water to slip through without you having to worry about tripping or falling hazards.

Underneath the visible panels is where the real action is happening — the transportation of the water. Pipes lie beneath your soil, and once the water flows through the open grates, it will enter the pipes and flow through them.

This important step is responsible for moving water away from your home and preventing flooding and water damage.

The Difference Between Surface Drains And French Drains

When choosing between drainage systems, two similar options stand out — French drains and surface drains.

While surface drains have grates that lie against the ground, French drains are more hidden. The latter option is meant to re-direct water after it seeps through your soil. Surface drains on the other hand will catch water as it hits the ground.

Another noteworthy difference is that French drains have a covering that assists in preventing debris buildup within the underground pipes. This differs from surface drains, where leaves and other debris can be carried across the grates and fall into the drainage system. However, surface drains can move water more quickly than their French drain alternative.

How To Choose Which System Is Right For Your Home

When debating a surface drain vs. a French drain, there’s no singular solution. The answer will depend on factors such as the needs of your property as well as your personal preferences.

At G.L. Hunt, we can help you assess the layout of your landscape and guide you to a decision you feel confident in. Then, when you’re ready to schedule your installation services, we’ll be there to provide the help you need!

Protect Your Home’s Foundation With Surface Drainage

Stormwater and groundwater drainage can be massive risks to the health of your foundation. Exposure to large amounts of water can cause your foundation to sink, crack and experience damage. Get ahead of your home’s health by investing in surface drains, or other drainage solutions, that move more water away from your foundation.

If your home needs drainage solutions, give our team a call! We offer reliable installations that can set your home up with drain systems where you need them, including sump pumps. Whether you’re looking for a concrete surface drain to go against your driveway or a French drain for your yard that can combat pooling, we’ll listen to your concerns and work with you to provide solutions tailored to your property.

Choose G.L. Hunt For Your Surface Drain Service

Our team understands the importance of proper drainage, and we’ve made it our mission to help homeowners protect their homes from the damage that water accumulation can cause. To safeguard your home with a surface drain, reach out to our team to schedule your installation!


What Are Gutters For?

Gutters are designed to catch rainwater and move it away from your home. Positioning gutters directly under your roof’s edge will prevent large amounts of water from being deposited at the base of your house. Not only will this reduce the number of puddles you’ll have to step through when leaving your home, but it will also protect your foundation!

After the water is collected under your roof, it will move down the gutter system before flowing away from your home. With gutters in place, this process happens in a controlled manner that enhances your property’s drainage abilities.

How Often Do Homeowners Need To Clean Their Gutters?

When it comes to cleaning your gutters, there’s no set schedule you have to follow. However, there are helpful guidelines that can reduce your likelihood of clogs. Clogs in your rain gutter happen most commonly due to leaves or twigs that find their way into your gutter.

Homeowners should inspect their gutters as the seasons shift into the fall and spring. These seasons are active times for landscape changes as your trees either shed their leaves or support new growth — both of which can result in debris falling into your gutters.

In addition to these seasonal markers, you may find that you need more frequent cleanings if you live in rainy climates — especially during Texas’ spring storms! If you notice that your gutters seem to be clogged, don’t let your drainage system overflow! Instead, take steps to ensure your gutters are cleaned and cleared to receive the full benefits of your investment.

What Is An Exterior Drain?

Exterior drains are a solution to excess water accumulation in yards. These systems are identifiable with grates in the ground that are open for water to fall into during rainy weather. After the water is caught, it will flow away from your property using pipes installed beneath your soil.

One benefit of these systems is that they’re efficient at removing water, carrying it away quicker than other drainage options.

What Is A French Drain?

A French drain is a reliable and efficient drainage option for many homeowners across Texas. Unlike traditional drains, which are marked with a visible grate, French drains are subtle. They consist of a perforated pipe that runs underground within a trench.

This pipe is covered with a material that allows water to flow through but prevents rocks or dirt from forcing their way into your pipe. This is especially important as your drainage pipe will be surrounded by gravel that helps move water into it.

How Do You Unclog An Exterior French Drain?

Unclogging an exterior French drain can present challenges as the pipes are located underground. However, a drain snake can physically remove built-up materials and help dislodge clogs.

For stubborn blockages, consider calling an experienced professional on our team for drain cleaning services. This can ensure your pipes are handled safely, protecting the health of your French drain and maintaining efficiency!

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