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Ensuring Structural Integrity

Hybrid Pier Installation In Texas

Texas has a range of diverse soils — from expansive clay to the hardness of caliche. Our team navigates these unique challenges, offering a reliable foundation support system that transcends the ordinary, safeguarding your cherished Texas home against the ever-changing dynamics of its distinct and varied land.

Enter steel hyrbid piers solutions from G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair. We’re proud to offer a tailored approach blending steel resilience with concrete support, ensuring your Texas home stands tall and steadfast against the ever-changing dynamics of the land it proudly rests upon.

What Are Steel Hybrid Piers?

Steel hybrid piers are a type of foundation support system designed to address a variety of soil-related foundation issues. These piers combine the benefits of two common foundation repair methods: concrete piers and steel piers. Because of their composition, they’re often referred to as hybrid piers.

The goal of steel hybrid piers is to provide a comprehensive and versatile solution for stabilizing and supporting foundations in areas with challenging soil conditions.

Here’s a brief overview of steel hybrid piers.


Steel hybrid piers typically consist of both a concrete section and a steel section. The concrete section is installed in stable soil or load bearing stratum, providing a solid foundation. The steel section extends through the problematic soil layers, addressing issues like expansive clay or poorly compacted fill soil.

Installation Process

The installation process involves driving the steel section of the pier through the unstable soil layers until it reaches a load-bearing stratum. Once the steel section is in place, a concrete cap is added on top. This cap rests on the stable soil, effectively transferring the weight of the structure to a more secure foundation.


Hybrid piers are versatile and can be used in various soil conditions. They’re particularly effective in areas with both unstable and stable soil layers, allowing them to address different issues within the same foundation system.


By combining the advantages of both concrete and steel piers, steel hybrid piers offer a robust solution for foundation stabilization. The steel section provides strength and penetration through problematic soils, while the concrete section ensures a stable base in more favorable soil or load bearing stratum.


Steel hybrid piers can adapt to specific foundation repair needs. Whether dealing with expansive clay soils, poor compaction or other challenging conditions, the combination of concrete and steel elements allows for a tailored approach to address the unique characteristics of the soil beneath a structure.

Concrete Piers vs. Steel Piers — No Need To Decide!

In the debate between concrete piers and steel piers, why settle for one when you can have the best of both worlds with steel hybrid piers? Embracing the strength of steel and the durability of concrete, this hybrid solution transcends the need to choose. Whether your foundation battles expansive clay soils or rock-hard caliche, steel hybrid piers offer a versatile remedy. 

Our services provide the robust support of steel beneath the earth while the concrete cap ensures enduring stability. No need to compromise — our steel hybrid piers seamlessly integrate the advantages of both materials, creating a fortified foundation solution that stands resilient against the challenges of diverse soils.

Proactive Foundation Movement Detection

You no longer need to sit in uncertainty, fearing foundation shifts. With SlabSure, you can proactively address concerns about foundation movement or settlement. This early detection system employs sensors placed 10 feet apart beneath the soil around your foundation. These sensors constantly monitor for any shifts, offering real-time updates on the stability of your concrete slab.

If you’re interested in this innovative solution, reach out to G.L. Hunt today!

The Right Foundation Solution For Your Texas Home

Steel hybrid piers are often employed by foundation repair professionals to provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for homes and structures facing a variety of soil-related challenges. Their adaptability and effectiveness make them a popular choice in regions with diverse soil conditions.

Reach out to the team at G.L. Hunt to schedule your foundation inspection. Let’s get your home’s foundation standing as it should!


What Is Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair involves the correction of structural issues within a building’s foundation. This can include addressing problems such as settling, cracks or unevenness. Common repair methods include underpinning, piering or slabjacking, which aim to stabilize and strengthen the foundation, ensuring the structural integrity of the entire building.

Professional assessment and timely repairs are crucial to prevent further damage and maintain your property’s value.

Can You Live In A House During Foundation Repair?

In many cases, residents can continue living in their homes during foundation repairs. However, the extent of the repairs and the specific construction methods employed can influence this.

Temporary inconveniences like noise, dust and restricted access to certain areas may be expected, but our reputable contractors will work to minimize disruptions to your daily life.

How Long Does Foundation Repair Take?

The duration of foundation repair depends on various factors, including the type and extent of the damage, the chosen repair method and the local climate. Minor repairs may take a few days, while more extensive projects could last several weeks.

It’s crucial to obtain a detailed timeline from your contractor during the assessment phase.

Should I Buy A House With Foundation Repair?

While it’s not uncommon to purchase a house with a history of foundation repair, it’s essential to assess the extent of the repairs. Obtain a detailed inspection report and consider consulting with a structural engineer to ensure the issues have been adequately addressed.

It’s advisable to proceed with caution and negotiate repairs or pricing accordingly.

Does Home Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

Home insurance typically does not cover foundation repair caused by normal wear and tear. However, if the damage is a result of a covered peril — such as a sudden plumbing issue — your insurance may cover the repair costs.

It’s crucial to review your policy and consult with your insurance provider for specific details related to foundation repairs. You can also reach out to us for financing options!

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