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french drains are a great way to direct water away from your home, but they can be tricky to install.

Exterior water management is crucial when it comes to protecting your home’s foundation. A French drain can dramatically improve exterior yard drainage issues, being an effective solution for both pooling water and foundation water damage. We offer free inspections and French drain installation services in Fort Worth, as well as the San Antonio and Dallas areas.

What Is a French Drain & How Does It Work?

A French drain is a form of exterior drainage that combines trench work, gravel, and perforated piping to collect groundwater and divert it away from your foundation.

To construct a French drain, a wide, perforated pipe is placed in the ground at a downward slope from the home. The pipe is then covered with gravel and rock so that it is not visible.

Many homeowners even choose to use the rocks on top of the trench drain as a landscaping feature. To prevent clogging, the gravel also functions as a filter to remove dirt and sediment from groundwater before it enters the pipe. Because the drain is installed at a downward slope from the home, the French drain works by collecting water and naturally draining it away from your foundation.
How Did the French Drain Get its Name?
Just like French fries and French toast, French drains don’t actually have anything to do with France. Rather, the French drain gets its name from the man who invented it—Henry Flagg French.

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You should get GL Hunt if you have French Drain problems in Texas


Fort Worth

GL Hunt offers french drain services in Fort Worth. We offer a variety of services to assist our clients with any specific problems they may be facing.



GL Hunt gives french drain services in and around the Austin area. With enabled organization, we support customers that are both business and domestic.


San Antonio

GL Hunt provides french drain works all across San Antonio and the neighboring cities. Our concrete services are excellent for both residential and commercial properties.


If you are located in Texas and need concrete services, get in contact with a reputable and professional company.


Why Install a French Drain?

Without proper water management solutions, water can drain towards and oversaturate the soil surrounding your home’s foundation.

When water oversaturates, it becomes extremely heavy and can place thousands of pounds of pressure against your foundation walls. This pressure is referred to as “hydrostatic pressure,” and can eventually cause foundation walls to bow and crack. Additionally, hydrostatic pressure can force water through even the smallest cracks in foundation walls, which can lead to crawl space or basement flooding. Our Fort Worth French drain installation services can help alleviate this problem by properly draining surface and groundwater away from your home, preventing it from ever reaching your foundation walls in the first place.

A French drain can also help homeowners solve issues with yard drainage. When water pools and large puddles form after heavy rains, it can damage vegetation and landscaping, leaving large areas of unsightly dead grass. A French drain solves this problem by providing a natural way for water to drain from the yard.

French Drain Installation: Can I Do it Myself?

Although French drain installation in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas is a popular DIY project, we recommend calling a French drain installation company to get the job done right.

If not installed and maintained correctly, mud and sediment can quickly build up, clogging the piping and rendering the drain useless.

It’s important to hire a French drain installation company that takes the time and effort to install this solution properly. At G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair, our contractors can ensure the efficient and effective installation of your French drain. We ensure to survey your yard for any gas or sewage lines, preventing the possibility of them being damaged in the trenching process. We also ensure that the correct type of perforation, piping, and gravel are used to maximize your French drain’s lifetime. Finally, we make sure that the slope of the drain moves water away from your home at a fast enough rate to prevent overflow.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s exterior water management, call G.L. Hunt Foundation Repair! We offer French drain installation, as well as gutter installation, landscape grading, combination drains, collection boxes, and more.


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