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ashley poolashley pool

22:18 17 Jul 22
I had an excellent experience with GL Hunt Foundation Repair. Justin came into my home and looked at the areas I had concerns with and did his own evaluation. Fortunately, there was no major damage going on. He patiently took the time to explain and show me what I should look for going forward. If there is any work I need in the future, I will use this honest company.

Jeremy SyrusJeremy Syrus

22:06 08 Jul 22
They just came out to survey and inspect the issues and have worked up an estimate for repair at this point. Very impressed with Derek and the time he took overall with the inspection, as well as explaining the process required for the recommended repairs. Friday afternoons, most people are doing everything they can to hit to the house as soon as possible. I plan on having a couple more companies come out to do the same. I will definitely take this in to account deciding who to hire.

Ryan KelleyRyan Kelley

17:26 10 Jun 22
Brian, provided a through inspection of our homes foundation and did an excellent job explaining the causes of foundation problems. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. In our case we did not need foundation repair, which is a testament to this company’s willingness to evaluate a customer’s home and walk away without trying to sell you something that is not needed. I was very impressed with their responsiveness and professionalism. We will use them again in the future.

Rob SRob S

16:39 05 May 22
Overall great experience. This is the second time we’ve used the company for foundation repair. The first time was about 8 years ago and the work they did is still holding well. They came out to put in piers on a different part of the house and the experience was even better than the last time. Everyone we dealt with was friendly and professional and the work was performed quickly and correctly the first time. G.L. Hunt is the best foundation repair company I’ve dealt with, but this experience was one of the best I’ve had with any company. Highly recommend!

Cary NickolsonCary Nickolson

16:52 30 Sep 20
These folks repaired our foundation several years ago, we noticed some cracking in our rock wall exterior. They truly do honor their warranty. It is nice working with a solid company, that you know will still be around for years to come. Very Pleases!


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Southlake Pier & Beam Repair Services

What is Southlake Pier & Beam Repair Service?

For your house to stay stable, you need pier and beam repair services. Your home may become unstable due to the settling and shifting of piers over time. In order to perform this sort of repair, your home will need to be raised, and the piers will need to be put back where they were before. Your home will become more stable as a result, minimizing the risk of more damage.

It’s critical to choose a dependable business that can complete the work correctly if you want pier and beam repair services. There are numerous organizations who advertise that they can offer this kind of service, but not all of them are equal. Before choosing a business to deal with, make sure to complete your homework.

An excellent repair company will check your house for any additional damage that could have happened in addition to resetting the piers. This might include uneven flooring, foundation or wall fissures, or any other structural flaws. The business will provide you an estimate for the repairs when the inspection is finished.


Buildings with pier and beam structures sustain the weight of the structure with columns or piers that are buried in the ground. In places where the earth is too unstable to sustain a regular foundation, this form of building is frequently employed.

Since pier and beam constructions are less likely to collapse than buildings with conventional foundations, they are frequently employed in earthquake-prone regions. In places like marshy or swampy areas, where the soil is unsuitable for standard foundations, they are also utilized.

Concrete makes up the majority of pier and beam foundations, although they can also be composed of steel, stone, wood, or other materials. The beam is then positioned on top of the column once the necessary column or pier has been inserted into the ground. The beam supports the weight of the structure.

Although pier and beam foundations are often more expensive than conventional foundations, they provide a number of benefits. They are more resistant to earthquakes and less inclined to settle. Pier and beam foundations can also be erected on sloping or uneven ground.



Southlake Combination Piers Services

GL Hunt Foundation Repair provides combination piers services for all customers in the Southlake area for residential and commercial properties.


Southlake Concrete Piling Repair Services

Top Foundation Repair Company provides both residential and commercial customers with all your concrete piling repair services for residential and commercial properties.


Southlake Crawl Space Services

GL Hunt provides both residential and commercial customers with all your crawl space services for residential and commercial properties


Southlake Steel Pier Services

GL Hunt offers specialist steel pier services across all of Southlake for residential and commercial properties.


Offering Permanent Pier & Beam Solutions


Maintaining a sound and sturdy foundation for your home requires the assistance of the Southlake pier and beam repair service. As the piers sink due to the weight of your house, cracks and other problems may appear. To maintain the foundation of your house sturdy and stable, a professional pier and beam repair service will be able to spot any possible issues and perform the required repairs.

It’s essential to contact a pier and beam repair business as soon as you notice any cracks in your walls or ceilings, challenging-to-close doors, or stubborn windows. All of these are indications that the foundation of your house is deteriorating and may collapse if left unattended. Your home’s foundation may be stabilized and kept from additional damage with the help of a competent pier and beam repair service.

In Southlake, there are several pier and beam repair options. While some businesses only provide a certain kind of repair, others provide a wide range of services. The sort of service you want should be offered by the business you select, and a trustworthy business with a solid track record should also be considered.

-A combination pier is a kind of pier that has two or more separate piers joined together. Combination piers are frequently used to support bigger constructions, like bridges, that need more support than a single pier can offer.

-For any concrete construction to be stable, concrete piling repair services are essential. The piles may eventually settle under the weight of the concrete, resulting in fissures and other damage. This damage may cause additional instability or perhaps collapse if it is not swiftly addressed.

-A crawl space is a section of your home’s basement that is not connected to the foundation. It typically measures 18 inches in height and is accessible by a tiny door or hatch. In order to prevent this space from becoming a bug breeding ground or a source of moisture that might result in mold and mildew, crawl space services entail cleaning and maintaining it.

-For each homeowner, gutter repair services are a must since they assist to avoid expensive property damages. In order for your gutters to operate well, it is crucial to maintain them clean and clear of debris.


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If your house was constructed on a pier and beam foundation, it’s crucial to monitor the state of your support beams. These crucial parts may suffer damage over time from wear and strain, which might weaken and ultimately cause them to fail.

You should contact a professional for repairs as soon as you see any indications of damage to your pier and beam foundation. If the issue is ignored for an extended period of time, your home may eventually suffer severe harm and collapse.

It’s usually a good idea to contact a pier and beam repair contractor when you see any of the following:

1. Wall or floor cracks: It is advisable to get any cracks in your walls or flooring inspected by a specialist if you discover them. The presence of these fractures might indicate a significant issue with your foundation.

2. Sagging flooring: Your pier and beam foundation is probably the cause of any sagging or uneven floors in your home.

3. Inadequately fitting doors and windows: If you’ve discovered that your doors and windows are no longer fitting snugly, it’s a good idea to call in a pier and beam repair service. A shifting foundation is frequently the root of this issue.

4. Gaps around windows and doors: It’s a good idea to get any gaps around your windows and doors checked out if you see any. These spaces can be a sign of a severe issue with your foundation.

5. Foundation problems: If you see any cracks in your foundation, you should get in touch with a specialist right once to get them fixed. Your home’s structure may deteriorate as a result of these fissures, which might cause more harm.

If you are considering having your pier & beams repaired, it is important to speak with a professional contractor who has experience with this type of work, Schedule a pier & beam repair service, we look forward to serving you!

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